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MythBot Radio

💎MythBot Radio™, One of the unique music bots. Fully user-supported, with over 30+ Radio Statio

Prefix m! (Customizable)
Library discord.js
Servers N/A
Created By JoKeR#0607  
Invite Support Server
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General Commands:

m!InviteInvite 💎MythBot Radio™ Radio#m!invite
m!StationsShows current available Radio Stations#m!statons
m!TrollPlays random sounds in voice channel#m!troll
m!DonateShow your support to 💎MythBot Radio™ Radio#m!donate
m!ShardsShows you shard information within your server#m!shards
m!StatsShows you stats on 💎MythBot Radio™ Radio#m!stats

Music Commands:

m!RadioShow all 💎MythBot Radio™ Radio, Radio Stationm!radio #m!radio
m!LeaveForce MythBot Radio To Leave Current Voice Channel#m!leave
m!AudioChange The Current Volume Of 💎MythBot Radio™ Radiom!audio #m!audio 50
m!JoinPlaces bot into the channel but does nothing#m!join

Moderator Commands:

CommandUsageAliases< /span>Example
m!PrefixSet a custom prefix for your server#m!prefix m!

Staff Commands:

m!RestartRestart 💎MythBot Radio™ Radio#m!restart
m!BotupdatePosts 💎MythBot Radio™ Radio Updates#m!botupdate

💎MythBot Radio™ Radio Updates & News:

CommandUsageUpdate NoteExample
m!BotupdateDisplays GamePlay MSGUpdated Commandm!botupdate
m!HelpShow your support to 💎MythBot Radio™ RadioUpdated Commandm!help
m!StatsShows you stats on 💎MythBot Radio™ RadioAdded Commandm!stats