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Meet Zori, a multi-purpose bot that can do many things ranging from moderation to some fun commands.

Prefix zori
Servers 326
Created By Rika#3999  
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A discord bot with features including maths, moderation and fun.


calculate - Get the addition, subtraction, multiply and divide equations of two numbers

power - First value to the power of the second value - zori power [value] [value]

squareroot - Square root a number - zori squareroot [value] (aliases: sqrt)

squared - Gets the squared version of a number - zori squared [value]

cubed - Gets the cubed version of a number - zori cubed [value]


ping - Responds with client latency - zori ping

send - Make the bot say whatever you want - zori send [anything]

hug - Hug's a user - zori hug [user]

slap - Slap's a user - zori slap [user]

origif - Sends a random gif from Ori and the Will of the Wisps - zori origif

amifat - Says whether you are fat or not - zori amifat

arguments - A fun little command to see how many words (or arguments) you have put after the command - zori arguments [args]

ily - Very wholesome - zori ily [user]

8b - Magic 8Ball - zori 8b [question]

asciify - Turns text into an ascii banner - zori asciify [text]


kick - Kicks a user - zori kick [user] [reason]

idban - Bans a user with their id! (they do not have to be in the server) - zori idban [userid] [reason]

ban - Bans a user - zori ban [user] [reason]

unban - Unban's a user - zori unban [user#discriminator]

clear - Clear's a certain amount of messages in a channel - zori clear [amount]


userinfo - Grabs the information for a given user; for example: The date they created their discord account. - zori userinfo [user]

guildinfo - Grabs information of the guild that this command was executed in - zori guildinfo

roleinfo - Grabs information on a certain role - zori roleinfo [role]

giverole - Gives a role - zori giverole [user] [role]

removerole - Removes a role - zori removerole [user] [role]

avatar - Grabs a users avatar - zori avatar [user]

recentlogs - Shows the recent action from the audit logs - zori recentlogs


info - Returns information about Zori - zori info

leave - Make Zori leave the guild that the command was executed in - zori leave

help - Sends an embed with a list of my commands. - zori help


corona - Sends an embed with the worldwide COVID-19 stats - zori corona

poll - Creates a poll in the current channel - zori poll