Verification Requirements

Requirements to get your bot verified.


1. You automatically post server count using our API.
2. Your bot is 100% original and not forked from an existing bot.
3. Your bot must have 24/7 uptime. It is permitted to go down for maintence but please let us know.
4. Follow Discord's guidelines and terms of service.
5. An official support Discord server for your bot.
6. Your bot must have been on the website for at least 3 days.
7. Your bot should be in 100 or more guilds/servers.
8. You must have a widget of your bot on your bot's website or GitHub. Learn more here:
9. You must make use of your long description. That can be CSS, HTML, or Documentation of your bot.
10. You must stay in the server in order for your bot to stay verified. If you leave, you and your bot will be unverified.

You are only allowed to apply once every three days.

If you think your bot meets these requirements you can continue and apply here.

If you have any questions please ask a staff member on Discord server.